Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4


Though the calendar says that Spring started a few weeks ago, it didn't really feel like it until this past weekend. My doorbell rang bright and early with friends wanting the kids to come out and play. They didn't return till almost bedtime. They didn't let the rain deter them at all instead donning appropriate gear and heading out. Wren brought this little cup of basil seeds home a few weeks ago from co-op and I couldn't believe it when with a little water and sunshine, they started to grow. I know, right? Rocket Science. I also started some tomatoes from seed and now have 35 (I counted this morning) seedlings growing in my windowsill. I wanted to have a small container garden but looks like my plans have changed. Insert appropriate homeschooling metaphor here...or not.


  1. Dee,

    I couldn't decide if we should try seeds this year or do pots again. It sure is fun waiting (sort of) and watching for the first bud. We have so much wet weather that I'm afraid seeds will get washed away. I guess I could start them inside too. I love basil.

  2. So what are your plans now.

  3. I think I'm in love with your blog... :)

  4. @Berta...I may put a few into the ground!