Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18

Besides homeschooling, I recently did another thing I have wanted to do for years. I took our family photo early enough that I will not have to scramble to send out holiday cards! Holiday cards and I have a complicated history. I always want to sent them out, but it doesn't necessarily happen. September comes along and I think, eh, I've got plenty of time! Then October and I think, oh, it's just Halloween. Next thing you know, I'm putting up decorations and getting fabulous cards in the mail and I have lost the will to handle my own. Something else than can be an issue for me is finding a seasonal card rather than a Christmas card. You see, I'm agnostic and celebrate the Solstice. My husband is a Christmas loving Buddhist. Then there's my Catholic mom and Jewish step-dad...and well, you get the picture. I'm part of a multi faith family, so it's important that anything I send out reflect that.

That's why I love this section over at Shutterfly. Now the biggest problem I'm going to have is choosing a design! This Holiday Window Card is Wren's favorite, but they are wearing so many colors in the photos I took, I fear there might a color explosion if I chose that card. I think the Mod Ornaments card is my fav, but I don't know if there is enough room to put our photo in without some faces being obscured. I love that I can just drag and drop to find out. The Love & Joy Christmas card really speaks to me because of the sentiment. After all, isn't it what everyone wants for the holidays?

I'm getting some gift ideas over at Shutterfly as well. L is almost harder to shop for than I am and I think he would love one of these wall calendars in his new office. So it looks like I'm going to win the holiday card battle this year after all.

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