Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20

Things got better on Monday. We met up with some other homeschoolers and my kids went letterboxing for the first time. I got to learn more about the co-op I'm interested in for the kiddos from a few people that are actually members. I woke up this morning without the butterflies I've had in my stomach for the past couple of days.

Yesterday, I gave the kids some math placement tests even though I know we're technically supposed to be deschooling right now. They are both about a grade level behind in math. And these are "honor roll" students. Damn that Everyday Math! I picked up Wren's remaining school supplies and got a sweet encouraging email from her teacher which was nice. We went to the library which is one of the kids' favorite places to go. They were thrilled to go in the middle of the day and promptly came home and spent a couple of hours reading. Love that. I spoke to my mom about everything that we're doing and she told basically told me that she supported me as she knew I was doing what I felt I needed to. She did the same for my brother and I when I was growing up. She was a fierce advocate and activist and still is.

I've made decisions about all our curriculum (curricula??) except for language arts for Robin (5th grade) and Wren (3rd grade). The breakdown is as follows:

Math: Math Mammoth for Robin & Wren, Singapore Math Essential Math Kindergarten for Finch
History: Story of the World 
Science: R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey
Language Arts: ?? for Robin & Wren, Headsprout for Finch
Art: Our normal weekly family art days & museum trips
P.E.: The kids take swimming and we are thinking of taking another class
Music: Undecided, they may learn new instruments

I'm also going to supplement with Lesson Pathways which is awesome and free (!) as needed.


  1. Good luck with your homeschooling!!! And thanks for the links! I'm always looking for extra stuff to help the kids. Especially Aj.

  2. I am elated to hear that you have taken the steps toward home/unschooling! Because you are motivated so will your kids! There are so many new things to learn and the possibilities are endless in how YOU and YOUR KIDS >CHOOSE< to learn much fun! There are some days that you will be like.."what was i thinking", but most of your days will be enjoyable and a little bit less stressed...5 hours of homework!!! no mam! :) We are currently on the K12 program and once they gt older i may take the unschooling route..anyhow, let me stop rambling. Good luck and have fun! YAY!